Better Energy

Solar partnerships

About Better Energy

Better Energy was founded by Remco van der Horst, whose experience with setting up successful partnerships is combined with his experience in renewable energy projects.


Traditional fuels are both polluting and finite, whereby centralised power production results in incredible wastage in terms of resources and money (transport of fuels, waste heat, grid losses). Solar energy, combined with storage through batteries or hydrogen, has the future. Will your company move forward? Or does your personnel still commute with horse and carriage? Seize the opportunity to become part of the future, a future that has already begun!


Support on fiscal and financial aspects is provided by third parties which have considerable  expertise with renewable energy projects. The overall combination of experience and expertise will result in making sure that your company can generate its own power, at a fixed price.


Better Energy will continue to realise solar energy projects until all suitable roofs have been turned into local powerplants!